Export as Text

When you export a project as text, it will generate a .CSV file.

In the .csv file you find the following values: 

  • TileID: This is an internal number of every element on the whiteboard
  • Text: This is the content of the objects (available for Sticky Notes, Text and Shapes)
  • TypeTile: This is the type of the tile like StickyNote, Shape, Image etc. 
  • FileName: This is the file name (available for uploaded documents, images and videos)
  • PositionY / PositionX: These are the coordinates of the object on the whiteboard
  • High / Widh: This is the size of the object
  • Locked: This is the information if an object is locked (true) or unlocked (false))
  • BackgroundColor: This is the color code of the element (available for Sticky Notes and shapes)
  • ZIndex: This is the level the object is in. A higher value means that the object is on a higher level.