Collaboard Hosting Environments

This article describes the different hosting environments of Collaboard.

An environment is where your user and associated project are available.
We have three different cloud environments, and some customers are hosting Collaboard by themselves. 

If you have problems logging in, please check that you are in the correct environment. When you log in, you will find a country flag in the top left corner. 

If you have requested a trial, you are in the Global Environment.

Global Environment - Hosting Microsoft Azure Netherlands

Your data is stored at Microsoft Azure in the Netherlands in this environment. This is our global environment where everyone can register and buy a subscription with a credit card. 


Swiss environment - Hosting Microsoft Azure Switzerland

In this environment, your data is stored at Microsoft Azure in Switzerland. Here customers can buy a subscription through our sales department. 



German environment - Hosting Open Telekom Cloud

Your data is stored in the Open Telekom Cloud in Germany and the Netherlands in this environment. Customers can purchase a subscription via our sales department. 



Self-Hosting (on-premises / own cloud)

If you are self-hosting Colalboard you have a specific URL from your company to login to Collaboard. Please contact your IT department for more information.