Embed iFrames or other applications in Collaboard

Read here how to embed content on your board.

What is embedded content?

The embedded content feature uses iFrames to display content from external applications on a board. You can also embed a homepage on Collaboard via the respective URL.

What is an iFrame?

An iFrame (inline frame) is an HTML element that makes it possible to display content from another website on your board. It works like a small window within your board that displays content from external sources.

Example applications of iFrames:

How do I embed content?

  • Click on “More” in the menu on the left-hand side of Collaboard and then on the “Embed” button.

  • Paste the URL or the embed code (iFrame) into the field provided.

  • Select Embed and the content will be added to your board.


ℹ️ Important: Embedding is only possible for publicly shared content, i.e. URLs that are publicly accessible. URLs that lead to an intranet, locally hosted files, etc. cannot be embedded. In addition, the embedding option depends on the security settings of the respective service.