How to use default settings?

For certain objects are standard settings available

In Collaboard you have the possibility to set default settings for Sticky Notes, Text and Connections.
Click on Settings

Klick on default settings


Default Settings for Note

Default background color: This default color is used when you import notes by copy&paste calls from an Excel file. It is also used for the feature when you make a double click on the canvas and your last action was to create a note. Then the new note is created with the default color. 

The default font, Text alignment, Text style: Choose the default font, the text alignment and the text style used for the text on your notes. When you change the setting this is effective for all new created notes. (It does not affect existing notes)

Default font size: This setting has by default the value "auto". This means the text size on your notes is automatically adjusted depending on the number of characters you put on the note. If you change this setting to a fixed value, then the auto-adjustment is not effective anymore.

Default Settings for Text

In this section, it is possible to set default settings for the text object in Collaboard. 

Default Settings for Connection

In this section default settings for connections can be chosen. Every new connection will be as defined in the default setting. 

Apply to all existing connections: It is possible to change all existing connections with the click on one button.