Move on the canvas

There are different options to move on the canvas depending on whether you are working with the mouse, the keyboard, the touchpad, or a tablet.

Move with the mouse

Make a left-click on our mouse and hold it and move around. Now you can move on the canvas in any direction you are moving your mouse pointer. Make sure you click on an empty are on the canvas. 


By holding down the space bar, you can move around the whiteboard without selecting an object. Your mouse pointer symbol then becomes a hand symbol.

Move with the touchpad

To move the canvas with the touchpad activate the touchpad mode in the settings panel.

Now you can move in all 4 directions by using two fingers on your touchpad.

Move with the keyboard

You can use the 4 arrow keys on your keyboard to move on the canvas.


Move on a tablet

On the tablet you can user your finger to move in any direction on the canvas.