How does voting work in Collaboard?

How to start a voting session and how it works

The voting mechanism in Collaboard works the following way: A voting session is started and after a defined amount of time the session is finished. In the meantime, all the selected users can vote on objects present on the board. The Result of the Voting session can then be access in the voting archive

Start a voting session

In the bottom left corner click on the "vote" icon

Click on "Create a new Voting Session"

Give the session a name. Now you can select between two voting modes:

In this mode each object can be liked or disliked. Votes limit, is the limit on how many objects a user can vote


In this mode the objects can be rated with starts. There is no limit on the votes

Here you can set how long the session should last.

select the users:

Select all the users which should participate in the session and click on "Start session"
Now You and all the selected have the defined amount of time to vote on the objects.

See the Results:
Th results of the voting sessions can be found in the Archive:
In the bottom left corner click on the "vote" icon

In the Voting archive you will finde all the previous vote sessions

Click on  a session to get more details about it