Webex Integration

This article describes how to use the Webex integration in Collaboard.

To use the Webex integration in Collaboard you need an Advanced subscription of Collaboard.


Start Webex by clicking on the Webex icon on the button left corner of Collaboard.


As a next step login with your Webex account: 


You are redirected to the Webex login page: 

When you are logged in you are redirected back to Collaboard and see all your Webex spaces:


Open one of your spaces and the Webex window in Collaboard opens. The Webex windows stays always on top of your content in Collaboard.

Moving the Webex window in Collaboard

To move the Webex window grab it with your mouse on the border of the window.

Resize the Webex window in Collaboard

You can resize the Webex window by clicking on the marked corners and dragging your mouse

Minimize and close the Webex window

With these buttons you can minimize and close the Webex window:



You can send messages and see messages other people add to the Webex chat:


You can add files from your filesystem in the Webex element in Collaboard or download other content to your device. 



Add people to your Webex space directly form Collaboard


To join or start a Webex call in Collaboard click on the green call icon on the top right corner of the Webex window and then on the green call icon in the center. 

You might need to grant access to your browser to use the camera and microphone.