Connectors allow you to connect any object from the whiteboard together. It is very helpful to create mind maps, flow charts, org charts, and visualize processes. 
To create a connector simply click on one of the four dots and drag it to another object to connect them.

Connect two objects

To connect two elements select one of them and then click on one of the four circles around this article. Drag now a connector to the other object. 

You can create a connection by placing the connector to one of the four circles displayed around the other object or connect it to the circle displayed in the middle of the object. 

When you create a connector with the circle in the middle then the connection will change position when moving the objects. 


Switch the connection to another object

To switch the connector from one object to another select the connection and click on the white circle at the start or end of the connector and drag it to another object.


Adjust the connection

To adjust a connection select it. Via the context menu, you can adjust the connection the same way as the line. Check here all the line options

Select multiple connections

To select multiple connections, hold Ctrl on your keyboard and use the mouse to select the connections you want.

Now you can change the selected connections at once.