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Do you have connection issues?

If you have connection issues to Collaboard this can be related to your company network. In this article, you find information on what you can do to solve connection issues.

Collaboard is a Web Application that works in your browser. If you are having trouble connecting to Collaboard see the following steps for potential solutions. 

Please make sure you know in which environment you are working. There are three environments of Collaboard available

1.Global hosting (Microsoft Azure): web.collaboard.app

2.Hosting in Europe (Open Telekom Cloud): de.collaboard.app

3.Hosting in Switzerland (Microsoft Azure): ch.collaboard.app   und edu.collaboard.app

Whitelist Collaboard's IP Addresses

Global hosting

  • web.collaboard.app
  • api.collaboard.app

Hosting in Europe

  • de.collaboard.app

Hosting in Switzerland

  • ch.collaboard.app
  • ch-api.collaboard.app

  • edu.collaboard.app

Make sure you use a supported browser

List of supported browsers

Make sure WebSockets are enabled

If you are getting constant connection issues, please check if WebSockets are enabled.

You can do this check on this website: https://websocketstest.com/

If WebSockets are not enabled please reach out to your IT.