How to manage user permissions

In this article, you learn how to change the user's permissions of people who are on your board.

After inviting people to your board you can change the user's permission. 

To do this click on your user icon. Now you see on the left all users who have access to your board and you can manage the permissions. 

There are the following roles for users available: 


Each project can have one owner. The owner has the option to manage the user permission and additional rights to rename and delete a project (board).

The owner can transfer the ownership to another user and remove users from the project.


Each project can have one or multiple facilitators. A facilitator has access to the facilitator features (only available in the Advanced subscription plan). The project owner is automatically a facilitator as well.


Standard users with edit permissions. They can add, change and interact with the content on the board.


Standard users with viewer permissions. They can only look at the content on the board but not interact with the content.