Template library

Learn how to create your personal template library and how to make use of the official templates.

What is the Template library?

You need a place to keep your favorite board objects, object ensembles, templates, really anything from the board? Check out the Template library! It allows you to easily create reusable templates from your favorite objects and add them to any board, anytime. Moreover, all Collaboard templates are readily available to kick-start your next collaborative endeavor.

How does it work?

Use Cases

  • Use official template to boost your work
  • Collect personal favorites in a library and reuse them anywhere, anytime


Personal templates

  • Add objects to the library
  • Sort templates
  • Rename template
  • Delete template
  • Add template to board

Official templates

  • Search template
  • Add template to board

Personal templates

Navigate to the (Template) Library in the main toolbox.

You will find two tabs. The first is dedicated to storing your reusable favorites.

Add objects to the library

Select any number of objects on the board and use the context menu to add the collection to the library. Choose a name and add.

Sort templates

Sort templates by:

Rename template

Use the three dot menu of the template, select Rename and save.

Delete template

Use the three dot menu of the template, select Delete and confirm.

Add template to board

Use the three dot menu of the template, select Add to board and confirm.


Drag the template from the side panel and drop it anywhere on the board.

To share your templates simply invite colleagues to a board having the template. They can easily add it to their personal templates.

Official templates

The second tab of the Library contains the official templates.

Search template

Type any combination of letters and numbers and the search will look for a match in the template names.

Add template to board

Use the three dot context menu or drag and drop to the board.


Who has access to the Template library?


Advanced and Enterprise.


Permission Viewer Editor Facilitator Owner
Add objects to library no yes yes yes
Rename, sort, delete templates no yes yes yes
Add templates to board no yes yes yes