How do I invite someone to a Collaboard project?

Learn how to share your project with others. After all, Collaboard is most fun when working together in a team.

Invite other people to your project to work together in real time. Click on the sharing icon to invite other people.

Share your project

You can share your project via email invite, link, QR code or embed code.

Share tab

As a first step specify permissions, allow/ disallow guest users, determine when your invitation expires, and optionally set a password. 

Registered users: Registered users are users who have their own Collaboard account. They can be free user or users belonging to a paid subscription.

Guest users: With this option the invited persons do not need to have an account. They will not be able to create projects or view any project list. They are only allowed to participate in the project you shared with them. They cannot have facilitator permissions or invite others to the project.

A project must always have read permission for registered users. If guests are granted edit permissions, these will automatically be granted to registered users.

Link expiry: You can select how long your invitation link will be valid. If the link is no longer valid, you can no longer access the project with it. If registered users have been invited, they can find the project they have been invited to in their project list, provided they have logged in via the link.

Password protect: Projects can be protected with a password. If the invited persons want to access the project, they must enter the password.

Guest users must provide a name:  If set to true, guests must enter a name before joining the project. Otherwise, guests will be listed as Guest 1, Guest 2, ...

In the next step you can choose the way you want to share your invitation. Click Next.

Copy the link and share it with your team!

Email invite
Email invites are personalized. ONLY the addressees can view the project. Since you can also invite guests via mail, make sure not to allow guest users to fully control who can use this invitation to access your project.

QR code
Download the QR code as .png file via the button or right-click, save image as or simply copy the code.

Embed code
The embed link is a normal project invitation flanked by an embed code. 
The target web page where you want to embed your project must be whitelisted by Collaboard.
Please contact our support!
As on premise customer, please contact the administrator of your own company!


Manage your invitations

When you create an invitation it is stored and you can mange it. This allows you to copy an existing link to share it again and you can delete links if you want to remove the access to your Collaboard project via this link. 

Manage tab

Quickly gain an overview of your shared invitations. You can copy the link, QR code or embed code again. Emails cannot be resend. 

Only board owners can manage the links.

Delete access immediately

To do this, click on the trash can on the right-hand side of the link you have created in the overview. The link is then immediately invalid.

Remember to also delete all Registered users from the Users panel in your project, if you no longer want them to have access to your board.