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Login Issues - Unauthorized Error

This article describes the steps you can follow when you encounter the error message "Unauthorized" when you try to log in to Collaboard.

Check the environment

Make sure you try to log in to the environment where you created your Collaboard account. 

This environments are available: 





Make sure you whitelisted Collaboard URL's and enabled websockets

For more details please check this link: https://help.collaboard.app/do-you-have-connection-issues

To validate quickly if the issue is related to your network, connect your device to another networked (for example a mobile hotspot from your smartphone) and try to login again. 

Try another browser

Sometimes browsers have special settings applied by corporate policies. To make sure the login problem is not related to that, please try another browser. 

Try another device

To verify that you are using the correct email and password, please try to log in on another device.